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It all started when I abused perscription drugs. It only got worse. The abuse of the perscription drugs introduced me to a different crowd. A crowd that didn't care about anything. They did drugs when they wanted to. They took what they wanted when they wanted it. Late I started using heroin and more xanax. It got really bad. I tried treatment but ended up right back in the same place. You can't try and get help if you sincerely don't want it. I grew far from my family and good friends to these other people I thought were my friends. Then I started to abuse cocaine and spent any money I had. Stole from my family and friends just to support my habit. I crashed beautiful cars because I was messed up and got DUI's. At one point I would only come home to sleep and eat and then I would be back at it. I lost all kinds of great jobs because of my drug habit. I can honestly admit I used to be a real scumbag. To get off heroin I started using this suboxone. That worked but then I became dependent on that. I thought since the doctor gave it to me it's okay to abuse. My friend told me I could go to his house one day because I didn't want to go to school. I ended up stealing from his father and caught my first felony offence. With my parents help I got out of that with a little bit of probation. After failing drug tests and failure to report to my P.O. he eventually got sick of me. My abuse got much more worse after that. I got into a whole lot of trouble that most people would go to prison for a long long time over. I caught  felony Robbery resulting serious bodily injury,  Armed Robbery.

I went to jail and got so so sick. I don't wish that feeling apon anybody. My P.O. was sick of me so he revoked my 100,000  bond and made me sit there for something I didn't do. I took someone to rob someone else and got charged for the same thing he did. The drugs completely ruined my life. I honestly did not have any motivation to live anymore. I ruined my family. With my family's help and a good lawyer I got off with a while of house arrest but it is truely a blessing.  I have never been so healthy and clear minded EVER. I feel so good about myself and my family is back to normal. I am 18 months clean and sober but I belive the real test is when I get off house arrest and back into the real world. I can honestly say that I am very stong minded and will not go back to using drugs. Ive been involved in thinking for a change and substance abuse and if my story can help one person then it makes everything ok. What I've done makes me who I am today. I cannot say  I'm proud of who I used to be but the past is the past. One thing i can say is to someone who hasnt gotten help yet-- do it before it is too late. I had no choice to stop but I belive that everything that happened- happened for a reason. I belive God has a path for each and every one of us. If you have a problem with abusing drugs or alcohol think about your family. I know I'm not one to preach and I've heard it all from rehab facilities but it honestly the truth. You have no idea that you're making your family completely miserable and putting them through hell. Get help if you need to. I promise you will not regret it.

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