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bottom and back before 21

My name's Megan, I'm twenty years old. I live with my parents and younger brother in south Florida. Just moved here like 9 months ago. 9 months ago i lived out of state with my boyfriend. We were heroin addicts. I used heroin daily for over a year. We sold, stole, and cheated to maintain our habits. I thought i was happy. One day (about 9 months and a week ago), our house was raided by the police. It was scary. It was real. A week later i was at my parents, a thousand miles away, starting a "drug replacement" program. I'll be honest, it sucked. I thought about getting high, and about dying, and that's about it. 3 months in, i had to detox completely. I checked into a hospital for a week, and it was hell. And it stayed that way for a while.

I did the NA thing for a bit. And it helped, a lot. I don't go anymore, but I'm still friends with people i meet there. Today, I'm happier than I've ever been. I'm not "hooked" on anything anymore. For me it's been about learning who i am as a person, and what I'm willing to accept from myself. I'm working toward fixing all the shit I fucked up when i was using, my family and i have the best relationship we've ever had... It's good. Give it time, and always do what's right for you. There's a difference between you, and you on drugs, even if you can't see that yourself right now. No matter what you done, you deserve another chance, and lucky for us the world us full of them. Just hang in there, and talk about it. Cliche but, get honest with yourself. It gets better, i promise;)

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January 23, 2013 | Julie

Congratulations on your recovery. And thank you for sharing your story—and for being an inspiration to others.

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