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Alcohol recovery

I am 3 weeks sober from my addiction to alcohol. I am 29, my addiction started early about 16 it began at parties and friends getting drunk and having a "good time" that eventually evolved into every weekend and then everyday. It was always available as my father also suffered from it we had so much in the house he wouldn't even notice it missing when I took it. As grades started to fall classes failed couldn't focus I received the help I needed and senior year cleaned up. I went 10 years clean, never had a drop and had a very rough personal patch in early 2012 I began drinking heavely  again everyday at least a fifth or more of liquor a day or until I would pass out. I was hospitalized several times for alcohol poisoning and attempted suicide. I almost lost my job and more importantly my family and beautiful boys as I became violent and destructive of our home costing hundreds in repair. 3 weeks ago I decided that I couldn't let this happen any longer and I am constantly struggling to not go around the corner to the local store. But my children are happy to have me be able to take them to the park to school activities and more importantly be the father they deserve....I hope with support I will stay the person that I deserve to be for myself and my family 

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December 10, 2013 | diane

thanks for sharing.  early recovery is tough.  hang in there.  be patient the body needs time to recover.

December 09, 2013 | Thapelo

i agree, i dont view it as an illness i just see it a time to pass time, i mean would you raehtr have somebody spend mindless hours just watching TV? what if you dont really have anything else to do? then your just sitting around with nothing to do. the game isnt an addiction its just somethign for your to do and since it never ends you can use that time more and more and more with the game. Doesnt mean your addicted just means its fun

November 27, 2013 | John Quest AKA John R,

Great to read this.  I have lived all over the USA and been drunk in most of it.  People ask me where I grew up.  I grew up in a mental hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York. I was forty one years old at the time…........  My best to you.

November 07, 2013 | stacy

I am a recovering addict, just made it one year Nov.2 I spent over 30 years,fooling myself.
Thank God for a place called Harbor Light,Don’t know what sent me there,never in trouble with the law. Had my family fooled or I thought I did,but I ended up there and has been the best thing ever.Have a new job working with the elderly and love every day of my life. Good luck on your journey.Just don’t do it.

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