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Addict turned Award Winning Film Maker

Johnny Hickey's Hub-made movie Oxy Morons, a bracing, unglamorous portrayal of how drug addiction tears families and friends apart, was largely inspired by the film-maker's life. Hickey came of age in the projects of Charlestown and was once hooked on the mercilessly addictive painkiller OxyContin. Hickey reached a turning point in 2003, when he plummeted off a cliff during a fight. He barely survived the fall, winding up in an induced coma with ruptured organs and shattered bones. When Hickey finally woke in the hospital bed, he looked to the morphine. He refused painkillers and quit drugs cold turkey, realizing that what he used was no different than the heroin he hated. Oxy Morons has found success at film festivals and local screenings over the last year, and Hickey recently signed a deal with In Demand and Netflix to get the movie in front of 53 million cable TV subscribers  and endless Netflix. He's also weighing DVD distribution deals, and he hopes the movie will join the ranks of cult favorites like Kids and Trainspotting. (Gears are also turning on his next, higher-budget film project, so stay tuned.) But whatever happens next, he's already fulfilled his goal of using his own gritty experience to inform an important cautionary tale.
Winner of 2011 Las Vegas Film Festival
Official Selection 2011 Gig Harbor Film Fest
Winner 2011 L.A. Film Fest
Prince Pick 2011 Prince Charles Film Expo (London)
#1 Box office sale Feb 2011 Revere Showcase Cinema
National speaker (Johnny Hickey) 2011 H.E.A.T. conference
Stuff@Night Magazine 2012 Hottest Film Maker

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July 01, 2013 | Donna J Sowa

WOW….... After watching this trailer, I can not wait to see this in it’s entirety! This stuff is EVERYWHERE folks! In your front yard, in your backyard. Right next door…...... It scares the crap out of me and it should you too.

May 06, 2013 | Lisa Chaffee from Western MA

Wow, there are no other words… Cant wait to Netflix to see it all!!!! Chomping at the bit, wish I didnt have to go back to work! smile

February 01, 2013 | Michael L. Williams Jr
Hey check out this link and great to hear your story. Go to amazon and push in “pushed out the crack house into God’s house” that’s my book, maybe you’re the part i been looking for to make it a movie!!!!!

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