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A fallen hero

After the sudden loss of my grandmother, who raised me, my wife divorcing me, the war in Afghanistan, and no family support, i was introduced to a drug called Tina aka Crystal Meth. After 9 months on meth, my mother didn't like me on it, so she introduced me to cocaine as a substitute. My grandfather, and the rest of the family didn't want me around as I embarrassed them by being arrested for drug possession. I've dealt drugs to support my own habit and as a way to survive on the streets. I lasted 12 years on the streets doing this, until I decided I wanted out. I'd attended NA, and it never clicked, until one day in June 2012. But it wasn't enough to stop me. Then I decided to do a rapid memory recall, to find out WHY I was so miserable. Upon facing all my fears, remembering all the good and bad times in my life with my best friend who didn't use, acting as my counselor, I managed to face all my demons, and miraculously, overnight practically, I stopped needing drugs to live. It took me 6 straight months of counseling, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to weed thru 36 years or mental anguish, but it was worth it. I understand myself so much that I can foresee all triggers allowing me to stay clean.

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February 22, 2013 | joyceIyn agbosu

am happy u are now a new person congratulations i hope u will not go back to it again no matter what

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