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10 Years of Heroin

I am a 34 year old recovering heroin addict. I was married to the drug for 10 years. I gave everything to it. My money , my family, my hopes and dreams, all were given without objection to a wicked drug. I had fought major depression most of my life. I had tried all kinds of medicines, but nothing seemed to help. The first time I used heroin, I was cured from my depression. I became addicted very quickly and began shooting it through my viens even quicker. My family did everything to help me and I threw it by the waste side. I have been to rehab 5 times and have lived in halfway houses. I was clean for a year before relapsing because of stomach issues. When I returned to the game, I went harder and faster. My family disowned me and I lost my job at a hospital for stealing pain medicine. I was left with nothing and no one. It was at this time I began praying. Thats all I had left. I felt like a loser all my life, even getting outcast tattooed on my forearm. I strived to be the best junkie I could, but I failed in that too. The power of prayer is a heck of a thing!

That was 2 years ago, and I have been clean since. Tough love was a big part of it. Today I have my life back. My family talks to me. I work and have a new car. I am even saving money towards retirement. I still pray to stay clean and give thanks for another chance. I should be dead. I did od a few times but I kept going. If I knew life was so good being clean, I would have done it years ago. I would go through the hell of addiction again, a hundred times over if I knew it would save a young person the misery. Life is a beautiful thing. Eating out of dumpsters isn't. If you read this story and you think I can help, please email me at I will do what I can for anyone suffering. I have been there and done that. Trust me!

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